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IT&Production – 11 2020: No pain, no gain – The road to the cloud


IT&Production 11 2020


IT&Production 11 2020

The cloud is not a place, but a form of information management. The transformation of business applications requires prudence and foresight. Do companies become dependent on hyperscalers? Does the sovereignty over their own data remain with the companies? And what needs to happen when migrating to the cloud? How can the cloud be used especially in smart logistics and manufacturing as a supplement to the integrated business application landscape?

The article “No pain, no gain – The road to the cloud” published in IT&Production – 11 2020 highlights the tasks and current challenges (e.g. privacy shield, adaptation of cloud services) many companies are facing, but especially the methodology with which the transition from the existing application landscape to a cloud-supported structure can be made.

The article has been written by Peter Gibbels, Center Director Center Integrated Business Applications, Shyam Ghodasara, Project Manager Center Integrated Business Applications, and Ralf Bigge, Managing Director EICe Aachen and was published in German in IT&Production – November 2020 (p. 90).

atp magazin – 09 2020: Interaction of ERP systems through blockchain technology


atp-magazin 09 2020


atp magazin - 09 2020

In the article “Interaction of ERP systems through blockchain technology” published in atp magazin – 09 2020, Peter Gibbels, Center Director CIBA, and Themo Voswinckel, Project Manager at FIR e. V. at RWTH Aachen University, report on the possibility of using the connection of information systems to redesign how company-wide production data is transferred and tracked thanks to the blockchain technology.

The article was published in atp magazin – issue 09 2020 (p. 33ff, quote on p. 5).