28. April 2020

Process Mining makes it possible to reconstruct a real process sequence with the help of digitally recorded event data. This creates a neutral basis for the identification of weaknesses and inefficiencies within your own company processes. Coupled with a clear visualisation of the process flows, Process Mining is currently the most innovative approach to optimising business processes without the need for time-consuming process interviews.

Process Mining combines Data Mining and process optimization. Based on the analysis of existing digital data, Process Mining simplifies the identification of potential for improvement, thus identifying and accelerating decision-making processes in companies.

Companies wishing to benefit from the advantages of process mining are faced with a largely non-transparent market with a large number of providers. Frequently asked questions are:

  • What is the right tool for me?
  • Which functionality do I need at all?

Also, there is often a lack of clarity in the companies themselves as to what individual benefits can be achieved with process mining and how a sustainable integration into their own IT landscape can be achieved.

In the Process Mining project, the Center Enterprise Resource Planning identified suitable partners and use cases for Process Mining to support companies in the selection and integration of the appropriate Process Mining platform. The project was implemented in four phases:

  • Business model analysis: Analysis of the initial situation, definition of the need for action and derivation of requirements for the process mining tool.
  • Market study: Evaluation of the providers about their suitability and the requirements defined in phase 1. Creation of a shortlist of suitable providers.
  • Use Case Identification: Definition of criteria for the selection of suitable use cases with a subsequent description of the use cases.
  • Proof of Concept: Definition of the data structure for the analysis and optimization of the cases identified in phase 3. Implementation of a demonstrator as an experimental environment and for visualising the procedure including the achievable results.

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