Together successfull

The Center Integrated Business Applications comprises a community on the RWTH Aachen Campus consisting of various software providers, system houses and users from the field of integrated business applications.

Enrolment of a company 

Companies enrol in a Center. They conclude a premium, business or basic membership. Depending on the type of membership, they use service modules of the Center. Important prerequisite for cooperation: national and international industrial companies are present on RWTH Aachen Campus. For example, on the premises of the centers or as tenants in the cluster buildings.


Service modules of a center

The RWTH Aachen Campus centers offer members up to five performance modules:



Members have the following opportunities through their presence on RWTH Aachen Campus:

  • benefit from short distances to an interdisciplinary team of scientists,
  • exchange information with members and scientists,
  • recruit qualified specialists,
  • make use of targeted further training opportunities,
  • establish new business partnerships,
  • visit and conduct events or public perception.


The community on the RWTH Aachen Campus is composed of all participating scientists and enrolled members. Campus members can, for example, participate in congresses, trade fairs, conferences of the individual clusters and centers. This promotes the exchange with scientists and other enrolled members. The member is also integrated into the virtual community – RWTH Aachen University Campus Extranet.

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