Wright Studio

Vision & Mission

The future of manufacturing companies lies in the integrated networking of their systems to create a high-performance IT system landscape. The Center Business Applications has set itself the task of designing this in such a way that companies can work economically and increase their value, while at the same time acting in an ecologically and socially sustainable manner and involving all companies involved in value creation.

At the Center, users and providers of business software meet experts who develop solutions at the interface between industry and research that are geared towards practical needs, take into account what is available on the market and are both conceptually and technologically up to date.

Optimized Processes. Efficient Value Chains.

The Center Integrated Business Applications drives the establishment and expansion of networked IT system landscapes in order to increase the added value of manufacturing companies in the long term. At the interface between research and industry, we provide decisive impulses in the design, further development and implementation of integrated business applications that support and optimise future production processes. Our services and solutions are aimed at software providers, system houses and users. We offer them services at various levels, taking the necessary perspective in each case to create individual benefits.

Integrated business applications connect and correlate data from different areas with each other and thus enable real-time transparency of all supply chain processes. They accelerate decision-making processes and ensure the agility necessary for competitiveness and growth by fulfilling a critical prerequisite for smooth operations and order processing. Within complex, networked IT systems, integrated business applications provide optimum support for current and future business processes, enable efficient control of the entire supply chain and thus increase the value added of manufacturing companies.