Our Infrastructure

With its infrastructure in the Smart Logistics Cluster, the Integrated Business Applications Center offers space for demonstrators, use cases and real applications that can be touched, experienced and understood. The Industry 4.0 environment is a real production environment with corresponding hardware, software and human resources.

Use this unique environment to develop and realistically test your solutions.

Innovation Labs

The FIR’s Innovation Labs serve as a research environment for joint work in the cluster and the centers. Various facilities, technical equipment, IT aids and toolsets are available there, which can be used to conduct joint research, develop prototypes and test implementation options.


CIBA-Innovation-Lab für integrierte Business Applications

The CIBA Innovation Lab researches how various integrated business application systems and different organizational forms can be networked with and among each other and which technologies and standards are required to achieve an optimal exchange of information.

Here, standards and concepts in the field of operational application systems are developed and demonstrated in partnership, thus shaping, further developing and implementing the IT system landscape of tomorrow.



The work in the Smart Systems Innovation Lab serves to research, optimize and further develop the provision of information through smart systems. In addition to the technical consideration of smart systems, the focus is on the dimension of the application context. Smart systems can support the implementation of new, cybernetic approaches in production and logistics and enable the design of new integrated services. The Smart Systems Innovation Lab serves as a development environment for smart products and its equipment invites experimentation.



Service Science Innovation Lab

Under the motto “Invent the Future of Services”, the Center Smart Services develops innovative services in the Service Science Innovation Lab together with partners from industry. The process from the service idea to the market-ready service is supported and accelerated by innovative methods and tools, whereby the resulting services are brought to life through various media.

Workshop Space


Conference Center

The conference center of the Smart Logistics Cluster on the RWTH Aachen Campus combines all types of event spaces. On the one hand, you have the opportunity to use our conference and meeting rooms for your conferences, on the other hand, the large area in the atrium of the cluster allows you to hold in-house exhibitions with up to 30 stands. The conference center provides you with event services.


Partner offices

In order to facilitate intensive and long-term on-site collaboration, partner offices are available for you to rent. Right next to the innovation labs and event areas, we offer you open, bright rooms with modern equipment.

Demonstration factory Aachen


Industry 4.0 on 2000 m²

As an Industry 4.0 reference factory, the DFA Demonstration Factory Aachen is the central production environment on the RWTH Aachen Campus. It is the competent contact for the development and production of prototypes through to the realization of products in small series in the field of metal forming. DFA produces assemblies and individual components for numerous customers, realizes innovative projects together with customers for various industries and is a reliable partner, even for small companies.