Center project: MARKET4.0

MARKET4.0 – A Multi-Sided Business Platform for Plug and Produce Industrial Product-Service Systems


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Project status: ongoing


Initial situation and problem definition

Conventional e-commerce platforms are not suitable for the sale of complex industrial equipment or services. Besides, manufacturing companies, machinery and equipment manufacturers, service providers and potential buyers are reluctant to accept the business model of these digital platforms. A new business model adapted to their needs is required.


To address the above challenges, MARKET4.0 research project is developing an open and digital platform that enables service providers and machinery and equipment manufacturers to connect and collaborate with manufacturing companies. MARKET4.0 provides a “plug & produce” environment for companies in the metal, plastics and composites processing and high-tech industries as well as their customers within the European Union. The platform aims to build financial and technical trust between the parties involved.

The platform developed by MARKET4.0 uses the Smart Connected Supplier Network (SCSN), thereby enabling direct interaction between suppliers and customers of industrial product-service systems to improve the selling power of manufacturing equipment SMEs.

Main aspects of the project:

  • Accessibility for all contributors and users thanks to the open and vendor-independent architecture.
  • Provision of a network to allow searching, comparing, testing or simulating products or services and estimating their costs.
  • Free provision of basic information and services.
  • Possibility to develop new applications within an app store.

Concept of MARKET4.0*



The Center Integrated Business Applications takes part in this project as a consultant and system integrator. We are developing concepts and templates to simplify the onboarding of e.g. ERP systems into the Smart Connected Supplier Network (SCSN).

ERP suppliers who join MARKET4.0/SCSN, connect their own customers with a large number of potential business partners. Smaller companies, in particular, benefit from visibility on the platform. Our sub-project – “EDI Multiply” reflects this multiplier effect. The final development of our own demonstrator integrated into our IT landscape, shows the feasibility of on-boarding, for us, as an SME.

Project partners:



Marcus Meeßen

Software Development & IT Architecture Leader

+49 173 3518457