20. October 2020

In addition to the new claim “Optimized Processes. Efficient Value Chains”, the renaming includes sharpening of the content: while the previous name still implied a focus on ERP systems, we want to use the new name to express that our topic covers all business application systems and their integration. This still includes ERP systems, but also MES, APS etc.

Together with industrial partners, we are pursuing the goal of making business application and, above all, their interaction, future-proof.

As the Integrated Business Applications Center, we drive forward the development and expansion of networked IT system landscapes to increase the added value of manufacturing companies. In doing so, we provide significant impetus in the design, further development and implementation of integrated business applications to support and sustainably optimise future business processes.

The center’s services are aimed at software providers, system houses and users. We offer them services at various levels, taking the necessary perspective in each case to generate individual benefits:

As a Trusted Industry Advisor, the center uses the ImplAiX® implementation methodology and tools for integrated business applications along the entire supply chain, which were developed in the Smart Logistics cluster. Also, we design, build and operate our own reference implementation, which is implemented in cooperation with our members in both the Innovation Labs and the Demonstration Factory Aachen.

Accordingly, our updated training programme now offers topics such as process mining, blockchain and the introduction of business applications. This allows companies to adequately prepare their employees for the current challenges.